Wartime Pen Pals Celebrate 70 Years of Valentine Love As Seen on WQOW and the Leader Telegram

Featured on WQOW and the front page of the Leader Telegram

Anew kind of love is apparent within Augusta Health and Rehabilitation and SilverLeaf Assisted Living, as a couple starts their 70th year of marriage together.

“They are both always so happy because they have each other and it’s contagious to everyone around them. We’re happy they’re a part of our family here.” Administrator Jahn Bradley says.

The couple met with they were 18 years old, while George was home from boot camp in preparation for serving in the Marines. They exchanged addresses and for the next 26 months, while he was away, they kept in touch by mail. In 1945, when George came home, their relationship blossomed and they were married in 1947.

George and Loraine Stanek joined Augusta Health and Rehabilitation in 2017, where they particularly enjoy their freedom, the company of their friends, and varying activities and games.

The couple share a spacious room that they’ve made their own and continue to enjoy life as they always have: together.

“Because they have each other, they really do consider this their home. It’s just the next chapter of their lives together.” Bradley says.

Augusta Health and Rehabilitation and SilverLeaf Assisted Living is a senior living community well-known for skilled nursing care, assisted living, and rehabilitation services.